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You can’t coast in your spiritual journey. If you are coasting—you are going downhill.

Pastor Bill

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A church, biding its time, is on the way to spiritual suicide. A church must forge ahead, or its dead.

Pastor Bill

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Be careful about hanging around with people who are always negative and always looking for what is wrong with something or someone. They spread their poison all too readily. Instead, choose to spend an adequate amount of time with people who are always finding the positive elements in situations and people. They will leave you with a sense of hope and encouragement!

Pastor Bill

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Change begins, not with others, but with ourselves.

Pastor Bill

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On frequent occasions my wife will do something that downright surprises me. You would think, after being married to her for nearly half a century, the surprises would be pretty much absent. Nope! My wife still provides me with a pretty consistent supply of them. It is one of the aspects of her character that probably keeps life from becoming dull in our marriage.

Like last week. We had gone out of town for a few days and were spending the night in a motel. We decided it was time to go out for lunch and had just settled ourselves in the car. As I started the engine and prepared to back out of our parking space my wife suddenly spoke up, “What’s she doing? She’s not going to throw those away, is she? They look like perfectly good lamp shades! No!”

I snapped my head to the right just long enough to see a woman walking towards a dumpster with a large stack of lampshades in their arms.

When I failed to comment, the volume and pitch of Bonnie’s voice rose and she said, “Look! Look! She is actually going to throw them away! No! I have to talk to her!”

Bonnie was opening the door as she spoke and I decided I best put the car back in “PARK” and shut the engine off. I didn’t want to drag my wife across the parking lot as I backed out and it was obvious she was on a mission that I was not going to interfere with. No way!

As Bonnie headed across the parking lot I heard her say, “Mam! Mam! You aren’t going to throw those lamp shades away, are you?”

And what am I thinking? Where are we going to put all those lampshades!

I couldn’t bear to watch what might be taking place in the parking lot next to the dumpster, but just a minute or so later Bonnie opened the back door of our car and proudly placed two large lampshades on the back seat.

“Can you believe they were going to throw these into the garbage?” she asked, matter-of-factly.


I have learned that garbage is spoken of occasionally in the Bible. In fact, Psalm 113 is a psalm of praise to the Lord. In verse 7 it states: “He lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump.”

I am guessing the writer was not speaking of lamp shades, but was referring to a loving Heavenly Father who is not adverse to reaching down from Heaven, and into the worst of situations here on earth, to rescue poor and needy people. In fact, he did that for me.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for loving each of us so very much, that you are willing to stretch out your arms of love and reach into the far corners of this earth to rescue people from the garage dumps of life. Thank you, Father, for rescuing me! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Pastor Bill

Holy Bible. New Living Translation copyright© 1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

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As we live for God, every detail of our lives has meaning. . . . . . as far as He is concerned.

Pastor Bill

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I am pretty certain that our son, even though he had an older and a younger sister to contend with as he was growing up, still learned to have a deep sense of appreciation for his parents, especially his mother. Why? It surfaced in the way he showed his love for his Mom on special days throughout the year, particularly Mother’s Day.

The only trouble was that Jeff usually ended up getting his father involved at such times. It seemed he was often broke when it came time to consider purchasing a gift as a small token of his appreciation for his Mom.

Like the year Jeff asked me to give him a loan on his next allowance. He seemed to be “strapped for cash” at the time and needed some financial assistance to enable him to show his Mom just how much he cared for her. I forked over several dollars along with a stern warning on using it carefully and wisely and he headed off for the small shopping mall a block away from our home.

The next morning our three children proudly presented their Mother with her gifts. I am certain the girls gifts to their Mom must have been very nice and heart-warming, but my wife does not remember what they were. She does recall what her son gave her. A plant. A plant apparently from the “Reduced For Quick Sale” table by the looks of the bright orange price sticker on it. A plant that, well . . . . . it did appear as if there was some life in it yet. At least in one leaf!

Jeff must have had a “thing” for the “Reduced for Quick Sale” table. That was demonstrated on another Mother’s Day, one which again found him short of cash at the last minute and needing a helping hand from Dad. On the occasion of this draw on his allowance, he went to the mall and returned with an item gift-wrapped and ready to give his Mom.

As his mother opened the brightly wrapped package on this, her special day, Jeff stood proudly watching her remove the wrapping from a small plaque. She looked somewhat confused as she read the inscribed words on the front, “WISH YOU WERE HERE!”

But what can you expect for half a dollar? If I am correct, though, I had given him $3 dollars! It turned out he felt overcome by the need for a plastic model airplane he had seen on a shelf in the store and he took it for granted his Mom would surely appreciate the little plaque. And it was such a great buy! You couldn’t beat the price!

I suspect many a parent, particularly mothers, have viewed themselves as failures in raising their children and seeing them turn out other than they might have hoped. Yet, in the Old Testament book of Proverbs we find that well-known verse of scripture which provides such great promise: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6, NIV)

I imagine if there were several things my wife might say to a young mother working hard to raise her children during these difficult days it would include: “Love your kids with all your heart and make sure they know it. Pray for your children. See to it that they become familiar with the Bible as they grow, along with church and with God, their Heavenly Father. And, lastly, don’t give up on your kids; don’t ever give up on them!

Our son has his own family now, a beautiful wife and four wonderful children of his own. Several years ago he provided my wife a gift which was worth far more than any amount of money could have purchased. He simply wrote her a letter and told her how much he appreciated her and the fact that she had never given up on him!

Mom don’t give up on your children. Don’t ever give up!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Pastor Bill

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