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I can hardly believe it but, it has happened again—Black Friday. It has proved to be the longest day of the year for me. Up before 5 AM to make sure I am not too far back in the long line of shivering humanity, most of whom are holding cups of steaming something-or-other. It is cold and folks are moving about shuffling their feet, pushing their hands deeper into their pockets or blowing on them. Some are pulling the hoods of their coats or sweatshirts tighter about them. Like I said, it is cold!

Suddenly there is a stir ahead of us—something is happening up ahead. We can’t see the front door of the store as the line is long enough it bends around the front and down one side of the big building. My son and his friend and I are about halfway down that side. We see the reason for the stir. One of the managers has come out and gives some instructions on what to watch for once we are inside. Then he looks at his watch and says loudly, “One minute till the door opens!”

“Ooh, boy. we are literally down to seconds, fellas. Hang on!”

Suddenly the line begins to move and as I watch people are putting their heads down and beginning to shuffle forwards with increasing speed. It takes only a few brief moments and we have rounded the corner of the building and the lights at the front are before us—then the doors appear and before you know it we are inside. Some people are already at the check stands on their way out before I begin my search for the prized item I have focused on. Oh, me. Where is it, anyway?

Within a period of probably ten minutes I have found the items I want, along with some I had not intended to purchase, and I get in line for the check stands. I can tell this is probably going to be the longest stretch of the morning. There are really a bunch of people in front of me. Oh, well, patience is the word of the day.

Then the first really bad news of the day comes along. A manager comes up and asks us, his eyes scanning several of us standing in line at the point, if we are sure we are in the correct line. What? Oh, oh.

I was in the wrong line. I was in a line for people who were apparently purchasing certain “big ticket” items. I was told I would need to go to “that line over there…..” And it was a long line, let me tell you!

Friend, make sure you are in the correct “line” as you approach through life. Better yet, make sure you are in the correct “line” all through life, the one that Jesus has mapped out for you.

Blessings to you.

Pastor Bill

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